What Are YOU Looking For?

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(Written Feb. 2017)
For the last 5 yrs or so, I will admit it –
I was jumping around from one business to another.

I teach others NOT to do that!
And here I was, jumping constantly!

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Yes, I know…
The nasty word “hypocrite” jumps out at me.
I hated every minute of it!
It wasn’t who I am!
I felt so uncomfortable… so NOT me,
if you know what I mean.

There was good reason for it, though. . .
It wasn’t to take people’s money, let the
thing die out and then jump to another,
taking my “team” with me..

as so many top earners are doing…
to my chagrin.

Here’s why I would jump:
I would join something, try the products,
and see how the comp plan paid out,
and it would ultimately fall short of my
expectations. . .

Something was always WRONG…
Something always bothered me.
Something was always missing.
Something so not in tune with my values
and beliefs that I just could not stay and promote…


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I won’t tear down other companies.
That’s not my style…
But I also won’t stay when there’s a problem.

I need to “fit in”… I need to feel GOOD
about what I’m doing …

There needs to be a REASON WHY
I’m with the Company and promote
their products.

There is a standard of 5 pillars that I wrote about
in my blog… that top earners taught back in the
early 90’s. (Yeah, I’ve been in network marketing
a long time!)

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Once I discovered a flaw or two in the business…
I would actually be very sad that I HAD to
leave it and move on in my quest… my search.

I wanted SO BADLY to promote something that I
could get behind 100% to help others…
(or so I thought)…

I was not BUILDING a business…
I was LOOKING for a business.

Here’s one the MAIN problems I discovered over time:
I was really searching out of DESPERATION…
I needed money.


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So I would join, start promoting,
and find the perceived flaw and
jump to the next biz.

When you do that, you are never in one thing
long enough to build it big enough to have it
start paying off!

And then you start all over again from ground zero!

Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not bad to want money!
We all NEED it in our society.
(It’s the LOVE of money, GREED, that gets you in trouble!)


Here’s Zig Ziglar’s thoughts on it…



So I think we would both agree that money
IS important, but it shouldn’t be the main
thing we focus on in our lives. . .

Here’s what changed everything for me:

I STOPPED searching out of DESPERATION to make money
and STARTED searching out of INSPIRATION.

Yes, I wanted to get behind the products and
company 100% and actually be able to HELP OTHERS.

When you chase the money, it doesn’t come.
When you help others and really CARE about THEM,
the money follows!


It has to –  It’s a Universal LAW.

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Zig Ziglar knew that law well. He put it this way:
“If you help enough other people get what THEY want,
you will get what YOU want!”

It’s TRUE!

You see, until you FIND the product and business
you love and can actually Promote with PASSION,
you will probably keep jumping around,
because you are NOT CONTENT,
you are UNHAPPY.

It’s time to . . .
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Like Napoleon Hill said in his very old book
from the 30’s that wasn’t even published
until recently – “Outwitting The Devil”
(If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it,
along with his legendary book, “Think and Grow Rich”)

He would take companies that weren’t doing very well
and make them successful! Then he would move on…
He would sell them or pick someone in the company
to take over. This happened many times in his life –
they were unplanned!

Mr. Hill said:
“I became  FIDGETY  and had to move on…”

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That was ME – to a tee!
Did you ever feel that way – uncomfortable?
Are you currently with a company that just
doesn’t meet all your needs?
Are you feeling discontent and fidgety?
Are you still looking for a business, product,
that you would be HONORED to tell others about?

What are YOU Looking For?

Well I’m happy to say that I finally found
what I was looking for, for the past 5 years!
I finally feel Very Comfortable with this company
that is as passionate as I am!

I LOVE the products.
They are made with a very high standard of integrity,
with a greater purpose… a MOVEMENT, if you will.

I WANT to tell others about them
because I know they can HELP others.
People NEED these products!



We’re in Pre-Momentum…
We’re about to go into MOMENTUM.

This is the phase of a business, where most of
the people join in the next 18-36 months and you
can get 10 times the results with the same amount
of effort! This is the time you want to get in.

This company is perfectly positioned in front of
a LARGE trend that isn’t going to go away any
time soon…

It is a Global MOVEMENT.

It’s very exciting!

When you position yourself in front of a large and
expanding trend, you could see Staggering Results!

Everything in my 5 pillars is there.
If you’d like to see what the 5 pillars are,
go to my blog here:


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Now, instead of searching for a Business
I’m searching for business PARTNERS!

Special People who have integrity,
who are NOT just chasing the money,
but who want to have a greater purpose and who
sincerely want to GENUINELY HELP OTHERS.

People who want to LOVE what they do!
Who want to make a DIFFERENCE.
Who really care and put their heart
into everything they do.

If this sounds like you, and you want to find
that special business, let’s get together.

and remember,
Live Better!





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