What to Write in Your Email Series


Okay… You finally are getting leads…

Now, what we should send to our leads?

Though I’m not got going to provide you with copy, here are some email ideas.
These examples talk about a system, because that’s what I promote to marketers.
You can also talk about whatever the prospect opted in for….
your company, products, compensation, etc.

Email 1
-Subject: The System I use everyday
-Copy: Explain who you are.
How you use your SYSTEM.
Where they can go to check it out.

Email 2
-Subject: What did you think?
-Copy: Follow up on Email 1.
Give some benefits you like about the system.
Provide a link for them to check it out.

Email 3
-Subject: How to get started
-Copy: Give them the steps they need to follow
in order to generate a passive income.

Remember to use a VERY EYE-CATCHING Subject line
so they will OPEN the email and read it!

More than anything, I urge you to be yourself, be real, and serve.
People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.


What you should put in your auto-responders?

Map out the 5-6 auto-responders you want to send to each subscriber.

Here’s what you should cover:

  • What is the purpose of each email?
  • What is the CTA (call-to-action)?
  • What will your subject line be?
  • What will you put for your “P.S.”?

Looking for an “Easy Button?”

Here’s an outline to follow that works for me:

  1. Expose the problem & introduce the solution (the offer you’re promoting)
  2. Features of the solution & benefits (more money, more time, more freedom, etc.)
  3. Proof (testimonials)
  4. Guarantee (30-day money-back guarantee)
  5. Deathbed regrets (“you don’t want to regret this”)
  6. Time Limit to Create URGENCY

Grab your pen and paper and get to work!

In the next post, we’ll talk about the “secret sauce” of successful emails.


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