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How to Create & Promote The Perfect Post

Published on February 20, 2013 By Loretta

How to Create & Promote The Perfect Post   1. Conceive a topic that solves the problem of your ideal customer. You know the challenges your customers face. So come up with an idea of what the blog post is going to cover. When you solve a problem or answer a question, people will come […]

The Art and Power of Story Telling

Published on May 27, 2012 By Loretta

The Art And Power Of Story Telling by Nick of Magnetic SponsoringI liked this article so much by Nick that I wanted to share it with you. After reading about it, I decided to opt in for the 4 free videos to check them out myself. . .  Enjoy he insights ~ Happy blogging!  Loretta […]

Growing a Popular Blog

Published on May 16, 2012 By Loretta

Creating Content   Part 1: ===>It Will Take Time Thousands upon thousands of blogs are created every day. However, just a few of them actually become popular. The hopes and dreams slowly wither and die of the owners of the rest of them. It’s important to understand that your blog isn’t going to become an […]