What’s It Take To Build a Successful Business Online?

Alright, I’ve had ENOUGH!

I’m so tired of seeing people going around in circles,
being taught one thing and then having another
leader teach the opposite,

resulting in so much unnecessary confusion!

Building a business online is much the same as
building a business offline…

except online has a lot less headaches associated
with it and it costs a LOT less to run it.

If you want to learn how to build an income
from home that will allow you to live the life
you really want,

there are a few things you NEED
and many things you are told that you

So, what do you need to become a successful
business-owner online?


Let’s review the Basics:

1. You need to have a product, business or service
that other people want or need.

2. You need to put your message in front of the
right audience – those who WANT or NEED
what you’re offering!

3. To capture your piece of the niche you choose,
you need to stand out above the other reps or
distributors. To do that, you need to come across
as a Leader, an expert with a UNIQUE SELLING

4. To do that, you need to offer people who don’t
know you yet … VALUE … information that people
in your niche WANT to KNOW. Then, they will
appreciate what you share with them.

The Law of Reciprocity kicks in and they feel that
you gave them so much value (with a free download
or something) that they OWE you!

Also important to your success is
having the proper MINDSET.
(I will go into that in another post
because it’s a very large subject.)

So, first, you need to set up your presence online…

Your hub, your foundational platforms,
like your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, G+
and LinkedIN.

There are many other platforms,
and some of them are Smart Phone related,
like Snapchat and Instagram …

and then there’s Periscope (with Twitter)
and Pinterest (for Photo ads)…

The list goes on and on… and each works pretty
much the same way.

Here’s the Formula You Need to Master:

Build an audience.
Connect with them personally.
Offer TONS of VALUE to them.
Find out what they Need and Want.
Find out their problem, what keeps them up at night.
Then, offer them a solution.

Once you master these steps,
you’ll be signing up customers and getting
business partners in no time!

You need to have some personal
skillsets and principles in mind.
You need to have Strong Business Ethics.

You need to stay FOCUSED, committed,
and consistent.

Taken from the book “The Slight Edge”
by Jeff Olson:

“Daily, consistent action, compounds
over time, bringing you the desired results.”

Of course, for this to work well,
you need to know WHAT actions to take.

Now, one more thing….
It helps you get to your goals faster
if you have a SYSTEM that other TOP
Income Earners Use…

(and know EXACTLY what do do
each day.)

Let’s face it –

You don’t want to look like every other
marketer out there. You need that
strategic position that sets you apart
as a Leader.

People don’t like to be sold, but they
do like to buy!

People are looking for a Leader
who can help them get to THEIR goals.

A system can help you Stand Out
so you’ll have more customers and biz partners.

You can take a peek at what I use
right here.

I hope this post helps end some of the
confusion out there.

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’til next time….


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Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Let’s face it, as parents we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of our children. The single most important factor of health is nutrition.

Most of us do not realize that the road to nutritional health begins with childbirth. The process of transitioning through the birth canal exposes the newborn to essential bacteria that populates it’s delicate intestinal tract providing the essential bacteria that is necessary for the baby to digest breast milk. Breast milk also provides critical bacteria that helps to complete the natural environment found in healthy infants.

But here is where things can go wrong and the long slide of nutritional deficiency begins. Exposure to toxins, antibiotics in the environment, chlorine and fluoride in water supplies can stress this natural biome (don’t get me wrong, infant mortality has been greatly reduced by clean and safe drinking water, but it is a trade off in many ways).

Add to this, foods deficient in essential nutrients, poor eating habits, finicky eating, the nature of how we eat, gluten stress and our children become at risk. Economic status and cultural idiosyncrasies pile on this problem. Although there is some variability, the top vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children are:

Iron – Creates fatigue due to anemia and growth issues.

Vitamin D3 – Required for the proper deposition of calcium into developing bones.

Calcium and Magnesium – See above and required for the function of many enzyme systems. Mood, anxiety, insomnia, and hyperactivity may be directly related to low levels of these minerals.

Vitamin A and K – Essential for cell differentiation, clotting function, sight among other functions.

Zinc/Selenium/Manganese/Chromium – Critical minerals that provide a child with enzyme cofactors essential for the function of nearly every body system, but namely the immune and glucose metabolism. It is estimated that over 80% of children are significantly deficient in zinc.

B Vitamins – these critical and essential complex molecules are required for bone, blood, brain, skin, and immune development. By virtue of the fact that these are water soluble, they are needed by the child’s body throughout the day. It was found that at least 25% of school aged children, in a large urban US city, had not had a fruit or vegetable in the preceding 24 hours. No wonder we have the obesity, lethargy, growth and intellectual development problems we see today in our society.

What can be done? I think it is clear that providing our children with healthy, organic, balanced meal choices is the answer, but then you have to get them to eat this diet and in sufficient amounts. However, in the real world, children do not eat the way we want. Supplementing their diet with high quality vitamins, minerals, and cofactors was a must! Not to mention, the costs of organic and healthy eating can be a challenge to many of our budgets.

We need a quality product that is simple, safe, palatable, and affordable to provide our children with the essentials they need to face our modern world. Thankfully, there is a product that will be released very soon that will meet those nutritional gaps.

We need to be the advocates for the health and nutritional needs of our children. We owe it to our children to provide them with the nutritional supplement of a generation. Stay tuned…

Message me today for information on how you may promote the health and nutrition of your children or grandchildren.



Building a Business Online?

Building a Business Online?

Are you building an online business
or do you want to have your own business?

That’s great!

Perhaps you know that you no longer want to be building someone else’s
empire by working 9-5, being told when to come in and when to leave….

I even remember when I was in fax order entry, and we had to hit a
button on our phone, logging out, even when we had to use the bathroom!

That made me angry! It was demeaning!

Enough is enough!

I was SO happy to be able to leave that job that actually hired NEW people
at a higher pay rate than I had, working there over a year! Instead of
rewarding hard work and diligence, we got a slap in the face!

I am SO happy to be out of there!
I work for myself and my family now! There is NO limit on my income!

So, congratulations if you decided to jump online and build your own online business!

building business

But many are struggling because they are used to being told
what to do and when to do it. They come online and are ‘lost’!

Maybe that’s you, too . . .  Well, that’s normal

We’ve been told what to do from infancy, from our parents,
then our teachers in school, and then our employers at work.

You come online… Now what do you do?

Well, you don’t have to wonder or worry about that any more!

You can save yourself YEARS of struggling, trying to figure out
everything by yourself.    How?

You can drastically reduce your learning curve by immediately
following what OTHER successful entrepreneurs are doing and
DO what they do!

Tip: Go ahead and read that last statement again!
It’s one of the KEYS to success.

As Tony Robbins says,
“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved
the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

Would you like to Build Your Business Bigger, Better and Faster?

There are Timeless Principles and Steps to take to be successful.
All the Industry Leaders have learned these!

There are 3 major categories that you’ll have to learn, and actually MASTER.

1. The Proper Mindset
2. Effective Marketing Methods
3. Mentoring Skills


Would you like to learn how to get Targeted, Quality Leads,
How to Ask Questions to Qualify Prospects and Invite them
to take a look at your Presentation, How to Follow Up and Close…
and then Get them started properly for success in your business
and finally, how To Teach THEM To Leverage and Duplicate?

Get the RESULTS you’ve been wanting.
Stop Struggling. .  .  Start Building Your Business Now!

“When the Student is READY, the Teacher Appears!”

If you’d like to know more about How to Build Your Business,
Bigger, Better and Faster and save Time, Money and Energy,

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Isn’t it about time to stop struggling and to find out what the TOP earners
in our industry are doing?

Don’t go it alone!

Work with me, along with other Leaders and stop guessing!

Oh, and don’t forget, if you don’t HAVE a business that you’re passionate about yet, that’s okay, too!

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I look forward to helping you Build Your Business
so that you can Live Better!


– Loretta Helson

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Elusive Business Building

Elusive Business Building

I Found the 3 P’s

Spent years of searching, studying,
buying the courses, tools, DVDs, programs,
getting “burned” more than a few times . . .
dusting myself off and getting up again. . .

Always seeing the positive side of things.
There’s always an amazing lesson we learn
when we fall, if we’re alert to find it.

You know, when you struggle, that’s when you GROW…
And you are Stronger because of it!


Just as a caterpillar that spins it’s cocoon,
and struggles to be released into the world as
a beautiful butterfly…

Did you know that if you try to help it get free, it dies?

Yes! It has to do it by itself!
You cannot learn the lesson FOR it!

Just like the 3 lines with ONE SHARED WORD in the middle:
“I will Help
Build Your Business.”

“I will help you. . .
YOU build your business!”

You see, no one else can do it FOR you.
It takes a commitment. A very STRONG desire
to make your life better.

No one else has that, but you.

Yes, that’s right! You figured it out!
I’m an Entrepreneur!
It’s in my DNA and NOTHING will deter me!

Spent hundreds, no, thousands of dollars
on my education to create that residual income
that has no limits…

You know, the one that you set up ONCE and it keeps on
paying you month after month, whether you work more
or not…

The one where you can finally get away on a vacation
and come back to a BIGGER paycheck than you had
when you left…

I kept asking:
How do the top earners DO IT?
What do THEY know that I DON’T know?
How can I FIND it?

How can this phenomenon that we call
Building a SUCCESSFUL Business Online

be so elusive, so well hidden
teasing us with the HOPE of 
creating a better life –
and causing us so much pain and 

We KNOW it EXISTS, because OTHERS have found it!

Has it eluded you, like it did for me for so many years?

What do those who FIND it
finally DISCOVER to turn everything around?

An even better question is:
Does it have to take YEARS to find it
and THOUSANDS of dollars to obtain it?

Well, I have been in network marketing since the
early 90’s and online since mid 2008.

I’ve been “around the world and back again” online!


It’s been a roller-coaster ride, for sure!
Had it’s many ups and downs, twists and turns,
and sometimes even hair-raising experiences!

But I’ve learned to get off the ride and put my
feet back on SOLID GROUND!

Yes, you could say I got Grounded!

I Found The 3 P’s

In my journey, I have shaken and sifted it all down
to some very crucial Universal PRINCIPLES

Principles are Irrefutable.
They can be counted on.
You can TRUST them.

They are as dependable as Gravity and they WORK
whether you believe in them – or not!

(Step off a tall building, and you’ll see what I mean…
but that would be a very HARD lesson to learn!)

There are MANY Principles, but once you
discover them and apply them in your life
and your business – things can change RAPIDLY.

I have found that there are also PROCESSES
that EVERY top income earner had to discover
and put into place before they could achieve a level of success.

And the 3rd “P”…
Principles, Processes and Your Own POTENTIAL.

Your gifts, talents, and strengths…
that you need to bring out of the depths that you
hold on to so tightly … inside.

Yes, you may have to Struggle to become that
beautiful butterfly and delight the world!

No one else can do this FOR you.

We all need to share and GIVE what we have.
“You have to GIVE to GET!”

Zig Ziglar’s famous quote is so true:
“When you help enough other people get what
THEY want, you will get what you want!”

So you may be asking now,
What ARE these Principles that I found?
What ARE these Processes that every top earner
had to find and use?
What potential can YOU bring out of your storehouse
to share with the world?

… Stay tuned for my next blog posts!

And Remember,


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Two Little Words . . .

Two Little Words . . .

that can Dramatically change your life.

What are they?


Live Better1

Isn’t this what EVERYBODY Wants?

To Live Better?

This tiny statement also
presupposes that you want MORE . . .

that you’re not content in at least
SOME area of your life.

Because you know you can do BETTER!

You have MORE potential that is not
being used.

You know, deep inside, in the innermost
depths of your being,
that you can do better, be better, and live better.

You are feeling very UNfulfilled right now,
restless, unsettled. . .

Feelings of worthlessness cross your mind.
Strong feelings start to well up inside of you.

and you start asking yourself,
in the back of your mind,
questions like:

“What’s this all about? What am I doing here?
What am I truly accomplishing?
Why am I working at this so hard?
Is it really worth it?”

As Napoleon Hill alluded to so often in his
latest book, “Outwitting the Devil”,

He would turn companies up-side-down
and make them successful, and yet every time

he would become “fidgety”. . .
he’d get an uncomfortable feeling,
a restlessness that HAD to be addressed.

He would abruptly make a very important
decision and turn the company over to
another worthy co-worker, or sell it…
and MOVE ON!

If you are experiencing any of these feelings,
I believe you have the DNA of an entrepreneur. . .

You want MORE!
You KNOW you have more potential than you are using.
You have a LOT to GIVE others.

So, bottom line, tell me, please,
if you will . . .

What is MAKING YOU fidgety?

from creating the life you really want
to live?

You MUST get to the root of this
if you want to “live better”.

Once you figure this out,
there is

NO LIMIT to how many other people you can help,
NO LIMIT to how your life can change, and
NO LIMIT  on how high your bank account can grow.

For a limited time, I am offering  a free
30-minute consultation to help you
figure out exactly what you want to achieve
and how to get it.

Just contact me at the email below
and let’s set up a time to get together.



Loretta Helson
Your Personal Home Business Coach


A Personal Invitation From MY Mentor. . .

A Personal Invitation From My Personal Mentor, Diane Hochman:

Tired of watching everybody else make money and have success but YOU?

If you haven’t yet ‘cracked the code,’ take a breath of fresh air because IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

With every self-proclaimed ‘guru’ out there telling you to do a million different things, or go buy this new shiny thing with all the answers, or learn this hottest newest awesomest lead-generation strategy that’s here today yet gone tomorrow… it’s amazing anyone can figure this online thing out!

Trust me, I feel your pain… I struggled for over a decade. I was broke. My family suffered. I was mentally exhausted and in a LOT of pain.

And then something happened…

Someone took me by the hand and walked me into “The Deep Abyss’…

My friend, this is where the 6 & 7-Figure earners hang out…

This is their underground lair where the REAL dark secrets are told…

It’s the vortex that can take you where you’ve never been before.

ONLY the top earners ever see it’s gates…

ONLY the best of the best ever get invited…

It’s a private mastermind for doers, for players, for forward thinkers…

It’s “The Deep Abyss.”


For entrepreneurs who wish to unlock the keys that have allowed me and my friends to build global empires and never have to worry about money again, the time has come…

I will personally mentor you, monthly.

Every single month you will virtually join alongside me at my private roundtable mastermind for a 2-hour long discussion…

And I will set you free…

You will learn a life-altering concept each month that that we will discuss, dissect, and assimilate TOGETHER.

YES, you will be joining the upper-echelon ELITE as we dive deep into “The Deep Abyss”…

Where the lions & lionesses, kings & queens reside…

Where the richest people on planet Earth hang out…

Every month it’s about YOU when we meet LIVE for our secret mastermind & coaching session…

Do you have a few hours each month to all but guarantee your financial freedom?!

Because here’s the deal: You are now entering a DANGER ZONE where you will be forced to stretch, to grow, and to GET RESULTS!

If you are ready (you and I both know that you are), go ahead and enter…


I believe in you,
Diane Hochman

What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?


So many people ask me, “What do You do?”

So I thought I’d answer that right here!

Helping others build THEIR business is my passion.
I absolutely LOVE internet marketing.

So many people want to have a home based business, but are struggling
to get it off the ground. The key is to learn from other 6-7 figure
TOP income earners who show you what they are doing and do
what they’re doing!

As Tony Robbins says:


Not only do we have this educational platform that teaches you
every form of marketing that you want to learn – and up-to-date,
newest methods – right from the Leaders who have ALREADY
achieved success – you will also have all the TOOLS you need
to build your business.

Because we teach Attraction Marketing, your whole mindset
will experience a SHIFT and you WILL see RESULTS once you
follow what we teach!

This is the perfect way to market and position your Primary business
on the back end, instead of putting it right in their face!

“People don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy!”

People will “find” out what you do naturally and then
ASK to join you, when they’re ready!

Traffic, Leads, Sales, Sales Funnel Creator, CRM – Customer Relationship Manager for Following Up, Branding YOURSELF, Training Webinars (Recorded and LIVE), Money-Making Secrets, Mindset and More!

It is by far, the most innovative, complete and Powerful SYSTEM, that you will ever find!

Leaders Are Created Here.

Take a look at our 6-minute movie and then take our 7-Day FREE Trial:


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Loretta Helson

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The Bird’s VIEW . . .

The Bird’s VIEW

The Big Yellow Bird
sat in his cage,

very contented…

because, although he was in a cage,
he was surrounded by the sounds
of many other contented birds

AND, more importantly,

he had an awesome window view
of all kinds of plants
and in the distance, the ocean,
with land in the background.


Magic ocean view - Mindoro island, Philippines

You see, the bird breeder created a
500-foot, enclosed addition to
the building, just for the birds…

The whole ‘wall’ was windows!

letting in the warmth of the sun,

and the gorgeous colors of the
natural sunrises and sunsets
for all the birds to enjoy!

Well, I was SO impressed
by this HUGE yellow canary. . .

Back in the day, I bred birds for fun. . .
Singing canaries, Color bred canaries,
Australian Lady Gouldian Finches,
and a numerous variety of small finches.

This Big Yellow Bird
a “Border Fancy Canary”
– a HUGE Canary –
3 times bigger than my normal canaries,

impressed me SO much
that I purchased him. . .

I named him BIG YELLOW!

When I got him home,
I set him up in his little cage. . .

Now, my breeding room was a spare bedroom,
with cages going from the floor to the ceiling
on all 4 walls.

The birds were WONDERFUL to hear.
The singing canaries SANG!
The finches kind of whispered! 🙂

But, apparently, this wasn’t enough
for this beautiful big yellow canary. .. .

He just sat on the perch
and wouldn’t move.

He wouldn’t eat or drink any water.

He was VERY SAD…

You see, I took away his VIEW.

I was considering taking him back
to his home so he would be happy again. . .

But before I could arrange it,

He died . . .  in just a couple of days.

I cried.
I felt SO Terrible.

I NEVER want to do anything like
that again!

So what did I learn from this? . . .


Without a VIEW, a VISION, we die!

We have to have a VIEW to THRIVE!

All you need is a window!
The window of your MIND…

“We become what we think about
most of the time, and that’s the
strangest secret.”
~ Earl Nightingale



What are you viewing?
What are you envisioning?

What are you thinking about?

All you need is a VIEW,
a VISION in your head.

to go from Just Surviving to LIVING!

The beauty is,
there’s no limit to your imagination.

AND, unlike Big Yellow, who could only sit there,
contented with his view,

what YOU imagine, what you think about,
you can manifest… you can bring into reality!

You can create ANYTHING you want!

So, what do you think?


P.S. Here’s Where You Can Learn HOW To Do This!
It’s Just $10 for a 10-Day Trial.
*** STEP 3! ***





Master the Art of Storytelling

Master the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is absolutely CRITICAL if you want people to buy your stuff online.
Storytelling, metaphors, fables, and anecdotes are a HUGE part of the ‘Selling’ Formula.

Stories are the FASTEST way to have your prospect lower their guard (the unconscious mind) and relax… and to tap into their heart where all sales are made (the unconscious mind).

*** I repeat, the UNconscious mind is where ALL sales are made.

And the UNconscious mind only speaks in STORIES!

It thinks, acts, learns, and communicates like a 6 year old:
ONLY with STORIES, pictures, and images.

So if the part of the brain that gets people to take action and buy your stuff only lives in the domain of your UNconscious mind, and the only way the UNconscious mind communicates is via stories, don’t you feel it would be a good idea to speak IT’s language?!?

*** I repeat, the UNconscious mind speaks in only one language:

Everyone has heard the line, “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.”

It’s 100% true because stories are the way to tap into the part of the brain that will buy…

It’s where ALL emotions, feelings, and memories are stored.

THIS is where you want to play if you want to make money online, period.
It’s what ALL top earners do – They ALL tell stories around the products they are selling.

FACT: We all BUY based on our EMOTIONS and justify it with LOGIC later!

And that’s why you really should  ‘Master the Art of Storytelling’.

Enjoy this incredible training!



Where Did the Top Earners Get Their Training?

MLSPLogoMLSP is hand-down one of the most powerful weapons one can have in their pocket if you are serious about building an online business.

Everybody knows that building a business online requires tools and training to generate a steady flow of leads, build relationships with them and to offer them what they want and need, converting them to a BUYERS list!

With MLSP, you can…

  • You can build your own brand…
  • You can build your own list…
  • You can create your own funnels & offers that sell YOUR products…
  • You can follow up with interested prospects with a PRO CRM (customer relationship manager)…
  • You get LIVE ongoing lead generation from the best in the profession…
  • The MLSP community is second to none, and is the most supportive group of entrepreneurs we’ve ever seen…
  • You can share the MLSP lead-generation trainings, websites, offers, products, and services with your prospects, and GET PAID as an affiliate.


While you learn to brand and build YOU thru the MLSP education system & training portal, you can become an MLSP affiliate and share high-converting done-for-you HIGH-QUALITY products, offers, and services that serve your target market, and GET PAID even when people say NO to your business, product, or service… (and sadly, even if you’re a great closer 90% of the people you share your business opportunity and / or products & services with will say NO).

And now you can share the invaluable MLSP blog posts, track clicks, drop affiliate cookies, and get paid when prospects click YOUR MLSP blog posts links and buy any MLSP product or membership.

What a cool concept: EARN AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS on the side as you develop YOU & YOUR BRAND, learn & grow, and increase YOUR value.

Why not check out MLSP today and start your Journey toward Financial Freedom?

Here is the Formula that the 6-Figure Income Earners Use

Feel free to contact me below!

Loretta Helson