You Know How To Prospect Now. . . What’s Next?


Prospecting is the first step of building a profitable,
long-term business. That’s why that is the first thing
that I offered you:

“The 3-Step Prospecting Formula”.

(If you don’t have it yet, go fill out the form
on the top right and print it out today!)

Prospecting is CRITICAL to your success.

I hope you have not just read it, but USED it.
If you have, I’d love to hear your results.

However, if all you do is prospect and close the sale,
it will all fall apart unless you also build in


Yes, prospecting, recruiting and retention
are important aspects of building a strong business
that will last.

Without retention you’re not producing long term residual income.


When your recruiting becomes methodical
with a system that produces immediate results
and you can easily point others to the training
so that they do the same,
you automatically become successful.

Your sails fill with the winds of enthusiasm, momentum builds,
and with everyone in the green quickly, retention becomes a non-issue.

You will have created Leverage and Duplication.

In every network marketing organization, there’s a point in their
compensation plan featuring a point of critical mass.

Once your organization is recruiting enough people
that stay in the game with you and everyone
continues ordering products, you’ll pass into this zone.

Your monthly checks will seem mythical — zeros will appear
as though someone’s little finger got stuck on the “0” key.

Momentum takes over and your organization becomes unstoppable.
This is what I refer to as a downline explosion.

So how do you get to that point?

As I said before:
When your recruiting becomes methodical
with a system that produces immediate results
and you can easily point others to the training
so that they do the same,
you automatically become successful…

and your business will explode!

So what is this Method and System?

I encourage you to start here:

Live Better!



May I Help You Build YOUR Business

May I Help You Build YOUR Business?

Hi! First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Loretta. I’ve been in the network marketing industry since the early 90’s and online since mid 2008 and I’ve burned the candle at both ends, putting in my 10,000+ hours to master this beast they call the internet, spending more than I’d like to admit, buying courses, DVD’s, systems, programs, trainings, attending webinars and hangouts.

Now I KNOW, it no longer has to take YEARS to get into action and to start creating a life-changing income. With the technology we have today, the proper mindset, knowledge, training, and systems, a lucrative income can become a reality a lot faster today. If you’re not there yet, you’re probably closer to success than you realize!

Why would you want to work with me? 

Learning from a mentor can Drastically Reduce your learning curve. I believe anyone with the desire and determination can learn how to create an income online by developing simple skills and becoming a better person through the process, and having more to give to others. Bottom line, “Income follows AFTER you GIVE.”

With this in mind, I put together “The 3-Step Prospecting Formula” to help you get started the Right Way! This will give you the information you need to TAKE ACTION Immediately to start building your business by contacting and connecting with people, breaking the ice, and finding out what they need or want..

Once you know what they’re looking for, you can supply the solution… You will experience no rejection with this method, because after all, if you are offering them EXACTLY what they need or want, who wouldn’t  JUMP ON IT?

Go grab Your copy on the top right of this post!

After YEARS of searching and trying out all kinds of systems, I have finally found the Complete Suite of TOOLS that every entrepreneur NEEDS to build their business effectively that is EASY TO USE and AFFORDABLE!

Brand YOURSELF, create your OWN capture pages, sales funnels, and automated series of emails to continue building the relationship. These are cutting edge tools, including texting, mobile apps, and much more!

You can also create another income stream offering this system to others. We have people making thousands per week using this System called TCP, The Conversion Pros.

Check it out here and then let’s get together and talk!

Thank you for stopping by…

Let’s talk soon!
Loretta Helson





Loretta’s Canaries and Finches

Loretta’s Canaries and Finches

About 20 years ago (1996) I bred Canaries and Finches. I had a spare bedroom with cages from floor to ceiling on all 4 walls!  It was a lot of FUN and brought me great JOY.

After my husband of almost 41 years passed away in May, 2016, the house was very quiet! Too quiet!  I thought back to how happy I was when I was breeding canaries and finches. They always made me smile. 

So if you know me, (read my About Me page), I was going on a mission to just buy one male or a pair of American Singer Canaries to cheer me up each day.  Of course, they were from a 30-year breeder, and he had beautiful canaries from JUDGES of bird shows…. and I came home with 3 pairs!

Here’s all 6 together:

Below, see my Variegated – Dark green and yellow male I named Henry!
My yellow male from Texas I named Tex!
And my GREEN TIMBRADO Singing Canary from Mexico, I named Timber! (He’s from 2015)



And my 3 FEMALE Canaries
All White I call “Mama” (She’s from 2015)
All White I call “Baby” because she’s the daughter of White Mama
AND Variegated Green and Yellow, I call #1 (First born in 2016)


That same week, I also put “on hold” 2 pairs of Australian Gouldian Finches from another breeder about 1 1/2 hours from my house! One pair of “red heads” and one pair of “black heads”. (See image below)


Then I purchased a pair of Zebra finches… Only ONE pair, you ask? Yes… I had incredible fortitude and held back!!  🙂


Well, the “normal” grey zebra finches got to work right away, building their nest, and entertaining me so much that I wanted to get OTHER COLORS!  (BTW, they had 5 babies, but 2 died – because they are new parents. They should do better on their 2nd clutch.)


Here’s a couple of their first babies! Aren’t they just ADORABLE? (Now they’re in a large flight cage and they are maturing and getting their colors… the males get orange cheeks and black bar across the breast. So beautiful!)


So my treasure hunt continued. I found some WHITE zebras and a male PIED I named “Iggy”!  Update April 2017: So far all their babies are GREY Normals! I’m still looking for some other SPECIAL colors!



Here’s a pair of white zebras. The Male is “Feisty” and the Female is “Fran”!
I have another pair that look almost identical named “Shaun” and “Sterling”.

Fiesty M2
Fran F 1

Below are Society Finches. The female is in back and the male (in front) is a “Crested”, meaning he has what looks like a Toupe on his head! Isn’t he adorable?  Their babies are Gorgeous, too!

M Crested - F Louie's R.I.

And let’s not forget the Canaries! Three pairs? Pppfffft!  I HAD to get more YELLOWS because that’s the most popular color people want!  Here’s the 2 pairs I just got a few days ago from New Jersey!


AND then I found some beautiful RED factor… that look peachy and GORGEOUS I just HAD to have them!  They’re coming next week from Montana!

Update April, 2017: Purchased more Red Factors. This Male is Color Fed and is just Stunning!


Tomorrow is Oct. 1, 2016 as I sit here typing this…
So if you happen to come across my blog, and read this post, I’ll probably have 200,000 birds by then! lol

Ohhh Nooooo… STOP ME!! I’m ordering MORE birds!!  lol

If you’d like a bird or two for a pet, or if you’d like to breed a few, here’s some information that may help you! . . . Enjoy!


Canaries can be the easiest pet birds to have. Even the smallest apartment has room for one. They are simple to care for and do  not require much attention.

Canaries are solitary in nature, so a lone male is  perfectly content by himself and will sing whether you are there or not. It can  be your only pet or part of a household menagerie.

These birds are a type of  finch that is native to the Canary Islands, after which they are named. The wild  canary, which still exists, is brownish green and looks like a sparrow. In my opinion, they are the best singers!  Captive  bred for 500 years, the yellow mutation has long been the most popular. Today,  canaries are available in many colors and a range of sizes, shapes, and  patterns.


If you are  keeping a canary as a pet for its singing ability, just buy any cage that you like. It must be constructed of metal and at least 18″ long and 10″ wide.   Canaries exercise by flying back and forth, not up and down!

The best perches  are made of half-inch round wooden doll rods, available at any  good lumberyard. Just cut a 1/4″ slit at each end to secure on the bars. At least once a month, either replace the perch, or clean it with hot water, bleach, and pine oil. Make sure that it is dry before you put it  back in the cage. The sandpaper that fits over the perch is not a good idea.  Most don’t fit properly and constantly slip, putting the bird off  balance.


A  full-spectrum fluorescent light above the cage will provide Vitamin D for your  canary. Incandescent full-spectrum bulbs are now available if you have space next to the cage for a lamp.

If your canary is near a window, it will enjoy the  view and sunshine but make sure the area doesn’t overheat. Birds must be able to  self regulate temperature by moving in and out of the sun.

(Note: window glass will filter out Vitamin D.)

Birds need 10-12 hours of rest per day, so consider  a cage cover.


The “white  bread” of canary nutrition is a seed mix consisting of 70% Canary Seed and 30%  Rape.

Every Day the bird must get a high protein food. Any fruit, vegetable, or  green that is used for human consumption, with the exception of avocado, can be  offered to Canaries. Canned corn, collards, kale, broccoli, cucumber, apple,  carrot, and squash are just a few favorites. Canaries should always have  Cuttlebone and mineral grit.


Canaries  love to bathe, and may try to bathe in their water bowl if bathtubs are lacking.  You can use a small dish like a Tupperware container inside the cage as a  bathtub. The bottom should not be slippery. A clay plant-saucer may work.

Use  room-temperature to cool-ish water; one quarter inch of water is sufficient.  Remove the tub immediately after use. Provide the bath early so the bird is dry  before bedtime.|


Caution! The most important thing for caring for birds is to keep them OUT OF DRAFTS.

 The above information (except the NOTE I added) was  taken from susans canaries.
It’s a terrific list of bird care items written for the canary owner but applies to any small bird including all  finches.

RESOURCES – What I personally use, suggest and where to get it:

Finches like:

Basic seed: Wild Harvest Daily Blend (Walmart)
Roudybush Nibles – Maintenance.
A scientific blend of nutrition – and ALL my birds LOVE it!
Less messy than seeds, however I still give them seeds because birds love to forage.
Pretty Bird Daily Select – Mini:  Red, Yellow and Green “Fruity” Pellets.

Canaries like:

A fortified mixed variety of seeds. (Mine throw out the basic seeds!)
Roudybush Nibles – Maintenance.
A scientific blend of nutrition – and ALL my birds LOVE it!
Less messy than seeds, however I still give them seeds because birds love to forage.
Pretty Bird Daily Select – Mini:  Red, Yellow and Green “Fruity” Pellets.


Kaytee Moulting and Conditioning (Small birds)

I also keep Conditioner on hand for the extra Vitamins/Nutrients
they need in times of moulting, stress, etc.
This also helps babies that have been crammed into their nest
for so long… If they have “stinky butt” (I call it) it seems to go
away overnight once they eat this.

For finch or canary parents to feed their babies, 
I mix hard boiled eggs with
Bird’s Choice: Bird Seed (See Below)

Jones Seed Co.
Bird’s Choice: Bird Seed

One preventative product I always keep on hand is Airsac Mite S76
Birds are very suseptible to getting these mites.
If left untreated they will cough and get white scales on their
toes and legs… and may even lose feathers around their beak and eyes.
It can lead to death. Keep this on hand!

You can get this at Lady Gouldian Finch (Below)
Airsac mite


Where to Shop:

Drs. Foster and Smith

Jones Seed Co.
Bird’s Choice: Bird Seed

Lady Gouldian Finch



Ohhh Nooooo… STOP ME!! I’m ordering MORE!!  lol

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An Entrepreneur’s Journey


This is an awesome true story-form description of the journey of an entrepreneur.

It was sent to me this morning from my good friend and Sponsor.

Perhaps you will see YOURSELF as you read this!  Enjoy!


Hi Loretta,

I see so many people quit network marketing
and give up on their dreams !

It’s a real shame that people give up so quickly
and it’s because we live in a “Give Me Everything
Now” age.

People want to make money almost
immediately and if their new business doesn’t
produce results within the first few days they very
quickly move onto something new!

Well what I want to explain in this email is that to get
rich or to build a business fast is a fantasy that is driven
by the skills of marketers..

Marketing affects every one of us and the truth is that
we have all been conditioned or brainwashed by the
constant bombardment of advertisers that are trying
to get our attention and are selling us the notion that
we are all somehow entitled to have more and that
we should expect to have immediate success.

There is certainly no problem about wanting more and
wanting to be successful but the reality is that it takes
time effort and skill and a certain level of education to
really make progress in any type of business whether
it’s online marketing or building an offline business or
indeed working your way up the ladder in your job.

We all get rewarded on the basis of how much actual
value we have to give and the reality is that when we
first start out in the real world we just don’t have that much
value to offer anyone and in fact when we leave school
our levels of wisdom and experience of life are virtually

We are also conditioned subconsciously from a young age
to not believe it’s possible to become a success.  We are
told “No you can’t do this or No you can’t do that” by are
parents our teachers and even our peers.

We are drip fed a constant stream of negative news by the
media and the government and so we are automatically
pre-conditioned to be fearful of everything.

Subconsciously we are already set up to fail.

So when we finally get to the point in our lives where we
decide that we need change and we start looking around
the internet for something new and exciting and its typically
a way to make more money right !  So that we can give up
the day job and win back our freedom we start to encounter
the hordes of internet marketers that are all promising the
dream of riches and a dream lifestyle all handed to us on
a silver platter.

So this is where the trouble starts because our expectations
are over hyped and the marketing message overblown and
we fall for this notion that we are suddenly going to have a
thriving profitable business within days of joining.  Then after
a week the reality sets in and the confusion and doubt starts
to creep into our subconscious.

Very quickly the pre-programming starts to kick in and you
then start to question yourself about the business and you
ask questions of yourself like is it the right business,
did you make a hasty decision or am I good enough or can I really do this…

The list of questions and negative responses start to build up
in your subconscious mind and you then start to look for ways to
sabotage yourself from taking action and doing what is actually
necessary to make your business work.

It’s at these times that we need to really look at ourselves and dig
deeper into our “WHY” and ask the right questions of ourselves.

Questions like

  • Am I satisfied with who I am
  • Could I become more if I really tried
  • What is my purpose in life
  • Where do I see myself in the next 10 years

Fundamental questions need to be asked and faced up to
and it’s only when you really start to dig deeper into our reasons
behind why we think the way we do that the real truth starts to
reveal itself to us.

I asked these types of questions of myself when I was failing in my
businesses and when I really got to the core of the problem it
became clear that my issues were based around not feeling worthy
enough and feeling inferior to others because I didn’t get a
good education and didn’t feel I had value to give anyone.

So I had to face up to a situation that I could either let go of my past
and all the insecurities and choose to be a new person and
face up to my fears and re educate myself and become more
focused and disciplined. I had to teach myself to not care about
what others might think of me or might say about me because
ultimately all those things are not within my control anyway.

I had to make a choice to actually start living life on my terms
and to stop living vicariously through other successful people
that I looked up to and so I had to just decide to be different
and to really become clear about what I wanted for myself
and I had to decide what sort of person I was going to be
moving forward.

The truly great thing is that we can all make this decision to change
and it can be an instantaneous transformation but it has to come from
a desire and a passion to really become the best version of you and
when this choice is made you will suddenly take on  a whole new perspective
about your business or your job or your relationships..

Once you decide to change, your expectations will normalize and you will
understand to what extent you need to refocus on your goals and your dreams
and start putting together an action plan of where you want to go with your life
and your work or business.

This is leads me back to the title of this email
“Why I have never considered giving up with Network Marketing”
and it’s because I had already made that change before I got started..

I saw the opportunities that were in front of me and I realized that
my expectations should be realistic and I gave myself a timescale
and a set of goals that I would work towards over time.

So now fast forward 4 years from when I first got started
I can see the enormous progress that I have made to the point where
I have made $50,000 dollars in the past 6 weeks with my online businesses.

So my point for this email is that if you are struggling to move forward
and your expectations are not being met and you are living in doubt fear
and uncertainty then I can assure you that  once you take a  step back
and really start to look at yourself and really become clear about
what you want from life and make a choice to change then you will
start to see a change in everything you do in your life and in your business.

Hope that helps you to clarify a few things.

Have an awesome weekend,





Wasn’t that an awesome description of the journey we’re all on?

I found 3 things that kept jumping out at me as I read various books
and studied the industry:

Move Forward
Take Action
Serve Others

Did you see them again in this journey?

They all pointed me in the direction I had to go in order to
start receiving the results I wanted.

If you want to know what business Steve chose in order
to make $50k in the last month, click here and join us!

(This is a ‘feeder’ program that can launch you into
the high ticket program if you choose to go that way
to stop getting paid DRIBBLES and start earning a
lucrative income.)

Live Better,


Know Your Email Stats


I was just average at math in school,
but I learned about the importance of stats in marketing.

My advise to you, “Know thy numbers”
because “Numbers Never Lie!”

Although this is a very short post, it is very important.

Specifically, here are the email stats to understand:

  • Total emails sent
  • Opens
  • Open rate (%)
  • Clicks
  • Click through rate (%)

I’ll be honest, I don’t really care about bounces, unsubscribes, and complaints. You want to focus on the people who are interested.  Forget the tire kickers and time wasters. They don’t pay my bills, and they won’t pay yours.

Does that make sense?

– Loretta

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The Secret Sauce … In Emails …


Did you know that the most successful political email of all time
came from Barack Obama?

(Please set your political beliefs aside for this example.)

It’s the famous email with the subject line, “Hey.”

Why did that work?

Simple. It created CURIOSITY.

The other secret strategy of successful email marketers
to get opens and clicks is DESIRE.

I’ll explain this concept another way…
Show the prospect their desired outcome (to be skinny, to be sexy, to be rich)
But only provide enough information to make them curious,
and then they will have to click to find out more.

Make sense? Good. 🙂

In the next blog post, I’ll explain about email stats you should know.

Watch for it! 🙂


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What to Write in Your Email Series


Okay… You finally are getting leads…

Now, what we should send to our leads?

Though I’m not got going to provide you with copy, here are some email ideas.
These examples talk about a system, because that’s what I promote to marketers.
You can also talk about whatever the prospect opted in for….
your company, products, compensation, etc.

Email 1
-Subject: The System I use everyday
-Copy: Explain who you are.
How you use your SYSTEM.
Where they can go to check it out.

Email 2
-Subject: What did you think?
-Copy: Follow up on Email 1.
Give some benefits you like about the system.
Provide a link for them to check it out.

Email 3
-Subject: How to get started
-Copy: Give them the steps they need to follow
in order to generate a passive income.

Remember to use a VERY EYE-CATCHING Subject line
so they will OPEN the email and read it!

More than anything, I urge you to be yourself, be real, and serve.
People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.


What you should put in your auto-responders?

Map out the 5-6 auto-responders you want to send to each subscriber.

Here’s what you should cover:

  • What is the purpose of each email?
  • What is the CTA (call-to-action)?
  • What will your subject line be?
  • What will you put for your “P.S.”?

Looking for an “Easy Button?”

Here’s an outline to follow that works for me:

  1. Expose the problem & introduce the solution (the offer you’re promoting)
  2. Features of the solution & benefits (more money, more time, more freedom, etc.)
  3. Proof (testimonials)
  4. Guarantee (30-day money-back guarantee)
  5. Deathbed regrets (“you don’t want to regret this”)
  6. Time Limit to Create URGENCY

Grab your pen and paper and get to work!

In the next post, we’ll talk about the “secret sauce” of successful emails.


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The SECRET Sauce . . . [INSIDE]

“THE SECRET SAUCE” is not the sauce itself….



Watched a very endearing movie today called, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”… In it are 2 feuding restaurants – One was French Cuisine and the other from India. The French have 5 main sauces (the first thing an apprentice learns). But the SECRET to the sauce is not found in the pages of a book. You have to have it in your HEART and bring it to the plate.

The same I have found to be true regarding entrepreneurs who are building a business – you can buy all kinds of courses, attend webinars, trainings, purchase CD’s… but the SECRET is that you have to have it in your HEART and bring it to your business.

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What’s It Take To Build a Successful Business Online?

Alright, I’ve had ENOUGH!

I’m so tired of seeing people going around in circles,
being taught one thing and then having another
leader teach the opposite,

resulting in so much unnecessary confusion!

Building a business online is much the same as
building a business offline…

except online has a lot less headaches associated
with it and it costs a LOT less to run it.

If you want to learn how to build an income
from home that will allow you to live the life
you really want,

there are a few things you NEED
and many things you are told that you

So, what do you need to become a successful
business-owner online?


Let’s review the Basics:

1. You need to have a product, business or service
that other people want or need.

2. You need to put your message in front of the
right audience – those who WANT or NEED
what you’re offering!

3. To capture your piece of the niche you choose,
you need to stand out above the other reps or
distributors. To do that, you need to come across
as a Leader, an expert with a UNIQUE SELLING

4. To do that, you need to offer people who don’t
know you yet … VALUE … information that people
in your niche WANT to KNOW. Then, they will
appreciate what you share with them.

The Law of Reciprocity kicks in and they feel that
you gave them so much value (with a free download
or something) that they OWE you!

Also important to your success is
having the proper MINDSET.
(I will go into that in another post
because it’s a very large subject.)

So, first, you need to set up your presence online…

Your hub, your foundational platforms,
like your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, G+
and LinkedIN.

There are many other platforms,
and some of them are Smart Phone related,
like Snapchat and Instagram …

and then there’s Periscope (with Twitter)
and Pinterest (for Photo ads)…

The list goes on and on… and each works pretty
much the same way.

Here’s the Formula You Need to Master:

Build an audience.
Connect with them personally.
Offer TONS of VALUE to them.
Find out what they Need and Want.
Find out their problem, what keeps them up at night.
Then, offer them a solution.

Once you master these steps,
you’ll be signing up customers and getting
business partners in no time!

You need to have some personal
skillsets and principles in mind.
You need to have Strong Business Ethics.

You need to stay FOCUSED, committed,
and consistent.

Taken from the book “The Slight Edge”
by Jeff Olson:

“Daily, consistent action, compounds
over time, bringing you the desired results.”

Of course, for this to work well,
you need to know WHAT actions to take.

Now, one more thing….
It helps you get to your goals faster
if you have a SYSTEM that other TOP
Income Earners Use…

(and know EXACTLY what do do
each day.)

Let’s face it –

You don’t want to look like every other
marketer out there. You need that
strategic position that sets you apart
as a Leader.

People don’t like to be sold, but they
do like to buy!

People are looking for a Leader
who can help them get to THEIR goals.

A system can help you Stand Out
so you’ll have more customers and biz partners.

You can take a peek at what I use
right here.

I hope this post helps end some of the
confusion out there.

I love receiving feed-back. If you liked the information
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’til next time….


Connect with me on
My “Live Better” Fanpage

P.S. If you want HELP building your business,
let’s get together and talk! I’m here to help you!


Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Let’s face it, as parents we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of our children. The single most important factor of health is nutrition.

Most of us do not realize that the road to nutritional health begins with childbirth. The process of transitioning through the birth canal exposes the newborn to essential bacteria that populates it’s delicate intestinal tract providing the essential bacteria that is necessary for the baby to digest breast milk. Breast milk also provides critical bacteria that helps to complete the natural environment found in healthy infants.

But here is where things can go wrong and the long slide of nutritional deficiency begins. Exposure to toxins, antibiotics in the environment, chlorine and fluoride in water supplies can stress this natural biome (don’t get me wrong, infant mortality has been greatly reduced by clean and safe drinking water, but it is a trade off in many ways).

Add to this, foods deficient in essential nutrients, poor eating habits, finicky eating, the nature of how we eat, gluten stress and our children become at risk. Economic status and cultural idiosyncrasies pile on this problem. Although there is some variability, the top vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children are:

Iron – Creates fatigue due to anemia and growth issues.

Vitamin D3 – Required for the proper deposition of calcium into developing bones.

Calcium and Magnesium – See above and required for the function of many enzyme systems. Mood, anxiety, insomnia, and hyperactivity may be directly related to low levels of these minerals.

Vitamin A and K – Essential for cell differentiation, clotting function, sight among other functions.

Zinc/Selenium/Manganese/Chromium – Critical minerals that provide a child with enzyme cofactors essential for the function of nearly every body system, but namely the immune and glucose metabolism. It is estimated that over 80% of children are significantly deficient in zinc.

B Vitamins – these critical and essential complex molecules are required for bone, blood, brain, skin, and immune development. By virtue of the fact that these are water soluble, they are needed by the child’s body throughout the day. It was found that at least 25% of school aged children, in a large urban US city, had not had a fruit or vegetable in the preceding 24 hours. No wonder we have the obesity, lethargy, growth and intellectual development problems we see today in our society.

What can be done? I think it is clear that providing our children with healthy, organic, balanced meal choices is the answer, but then you have to get them to eat this diet and in sufficient amounts. However, in the real world, children do not eat the way we want. Supplementing their diet with high quality vitamins, minerals, and cofactors was a must! Not to mention, the costs of organic and healthy eating can be a challenge to many of our budgets.

We need a quality product that is simple, safe, palatable, and affordable to provide our children with the essentials they need to face our modern world. Thankfully, there is a product that will be released very soon that will meet those nutritional gaps.

We need to be the advocates for the health and nutritional needs of our children. We owe it to our children to provide them with the nutritional supplement of a generation. Stay tuned…

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