An Entrepreneur’s Journey


This is an awesome true story-form description of the journey of an entrepreneur.

It was sent to me this morning from my good friend and Sponsor.

Perhaps you will see YOURSELF as you read this!  Enjoy!


Hi Loretta,

I see so many people quit network marketing
and give up on their dreams !

It’s a real shame that people give up so quickly
and it’s because we live in a “Give Me Everything
Now” age.

People want to make money almost
immediately and if their new business doesn’t
produce results within the first few days they very
quickly move onto something new!

Well what I want to explain in this email is that to get
rich or to build a business fast is a fantasy that is driven
by the skills of marketers..

Marketing affects every one of us and the truth is that
we have all been conditioned or brainwashed by the
constant bombardment of advertisers that are trying
to get our attention and are selling us the notion that
we are all somehow entitled to have more and that
we should expect to have immediate success.

There is certainly no problem about wanting more and
wanting to be successful but the reality is that it takes
time effort and skill and a certain level of education to
really make progress in any type of business whether
it’s online marketing or building an offline business or
indeed working your way up the ladder in your job.

We all get rewarded on the basis of how much actual
value we have to give and the reality is that when we
first start out in the real world we just don’t have that much
value to offer anyone and in fact when we leave school
our levels of wisdom and experience of life are virtually

We are also conditioned subconsciously from a young age
to not believe it’s possible to become a success.  We are
told “No you can’t do this or No you can’t do that” by are
parents our teachers and even our peers.

We are drip fed a constant stream of negative news by the
media and the government and so we are automatically
pre-conditioned to be fearful of everything.

Subconsciously we are already set up to fail.

So when we finally get to the point in our lives where we
decide that we need change and we start looking around
the internet for something new and exciting and its typically
a way to make more money right !  So that we can give up
the day job and win back our freedom we start to encounter
the hordes of internet marketers that are all promising the
dream of riches and a dream lifestyle all handed to us on
a silver platter.

So this is where the trouble starts because our expectations
are over hyped and the marketing message overblown and
we fall for this notion that we are suddenly going to have a
thriving profitable business within days of joining.  Then after
a week the reality sets in and the confusion and doubt starts
to creep into our subconscious.

Very quickly the pre-programming starts to kick in and you
then start to question yourself about the business and you
ask questions of yourself like is it the right business,
did you make a hasty decision or am I good enough or can I really do this…

The list of questions and negative responses start to build up
in your subconscious mind and you then start to look for ways to
sabotage yourself from taking action and doing what is actually
necessary to make your business work.

It’s at these times that we need to really look at ourselves and dig
deeper into our “WHY” and ask the right questions of ourselves.

Questions like

  • Am I satisfied with who I am
  • Could I become more if I really tried
  • What is my purpose in life
  • Where do I see myself in the next 10 years

Fundamental questions need to be asked and faced up to
and it’s only when you really start to dig deeper into our reasons
behind why we think the way we do that the real truth starts to
reveal itself to us.

I asked these types of questions of myself when I was failing in my
businesses and when I really got to the core of the problem it
became clear that my issues were based around not feeling worthy
enough and feeling inferior to others because I didn’t get a
good education and didn’t feel I had value to give anyone.

So I had to face up to a situation that I could either let go of my past
and all the insecurities and choose to be a new person and
face up to my fears and re educate myself and become more
focused and disciplined. I had to teach myself to not care about
what others might think of me or might say about me because
ultimately all those things are not within my control anyway.

I had to make a choice to actually start living life on my terms
and to stop living vicariously through other successful people
that I looked up to and so I had to just decide to be different
and to really become clear about what I wanted for myself
and I had to decide what sort of person I was going to be
moving forward.

The truly great thing is that we can all make this decision to change
and it can be an instantaneous transformation but it has to come from
a desire and a passion to really become the best version of you and
when this choice is made you will suddenly take on  a whole new perspective
about your business or your job or your relationships..

Once you decide to change, your expectations will normalize and you will
understand to what extent you need to refocus on your goals and your dreams
and start putting together an action plan of where you want to go with your life
and your work or business.

This is leads me back to the title of this email
“Why I have never considered giving up with Network Marketing”
and it’s because I had already made that change before I got started..

I saw the opportunities that were in front of me and I realized that
my expectations should be realistic and I gave myself a timescale
and a set of goals that I would work towards over time.

So now fast forward 4 years from when I first got started
I can see the enormous progress that I have made to the point where
I have made $50,000 dollars in the past 6 weeks with my online businesses.

So my point for this email is that if you are struggling to move forward
and your expectations are not being met and you are living in doubt fear
and uncertainty then I can assure you that  once you take a  step back
and really start to look at yourself and really become clear about
what you want from life and make a choice to change then you will
start to see a change in everything you do in your life and in your business.

Hope that helps you to clarify a few things.

Have an awesome weekend,





Wasn’t that an awesome description of the journey we’re all on?

I found 3 things that kept jumping out at me as I read various books
and studied the industry:

Move Forward
Take Action
Serve Others

Did you see them again in this journey?

They all pointed me in the direction I had to go in order to
start receiving the results I wanted.

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Live Better,


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