American Singer and Color Bred Canaries

American Singer and Color Bred

Intense Yellow

CIRO NIROC Show Intense Yellow AS F


Yellow, Variegated, White American Singers and
Red Factor Color Bred Canaries



White American Singer




Variegated Yellow/Green American Singer




Yellow and White American Singers and 3 Red Factor Color Bred Canaries



Red Factor Color Bred Male
















Identification: Over the centuries, canaries have been a popular bird species among bird enthusiasts. They have attractive yellow feathers, are great singers, and are naturally friendly – which are the very reasons why they are also great to keep as pets. Who wouldn’t be enticed to keep a pet canary? Your boring days would be gone as soon as you hear them sing. Their harmonious and melodious singing would keep you entertained. Caring for a pet canary would definitely bring you immeasurable joy, unparalleled companionship and lots of satisfaction.

Geography: Yellow Canaries are resident breeders in much of the western and central regions of southern Africa and has been introduced to Ascension and St Helena islands. These small songbirds in the finch family originated from the Macaronesian Islands, including the Canary Islands.

Song / Call: Though female canaries are also capable of singing (but not that often), male canaries are undoubtedly the better singers. Click to hear the Yellow Canary

Size / Weight: 13cm (5.1″)

Sexing: Difficult to know their gender.  The males sing and the females lay eggs! You have to watch them carefully. When they are a little older, often you can blow on their bottom and see if you can determine the difference! 🙂

Temperament: A Yellow Canary makes a fun pet for the right family. While these birds are colorful and active and the males are pleasantly vocal, they are not “hands-on” pets. They are too small, fast, and nervous to be handled. However, if you enjoy watching birds and listening to their interesting sounds, a canary is likely the perfect pet for you. Canaries are the “lone wolves” of the bird world; they actually prefer to be alone. Yellow Canaries are extremely territorial, especially the males, and will squabble with and even injure other birds in their territories. Even male/female pairs will fight outside of breeding season. Bird cages play an important role in the health of your pet. As for canaries, they want a very big cage since they love to fly. Having a big cage would also keep their health in check because flying is equivalent to exercising.

Breeding: Breeding canaries requires some advance planning, specialized equipment, specific food, and luck. Breeding these birds the proper way is important because it ensures a stress-free environment for them, as well as a greater chance of producing offspring.

Lifespan: A pet canary can live approximately 15 years. A canary’s lifespan depends on its gender, level of care, breeding activity and basic safety practices. Male canaries tend to live longer than female canaries. Female canaries used for regular breeding usually live only about six years. 

Diet: Canary Seed Mix,  Greens such as spinach, collard greens, broccoli, cucumbers, squash, etc. They also eat oranges, bananas, apples, corn, strawberries and many more fruits.


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