5 Pillars You Need For Success

5 Pillars You Need For Success


I’ve been in (and out of) Network Marketing since the early 90’s
and online since mid 2008.

Over the years, I found that there are 5 Pillars
that you need to have in place in network marketing
in order to be successful.

Let’s go over each one so that you are equipped to
Evaluate ANY business:

1. Company

–  Over 2 Years Old, that Has a Proven Track Record
– That Has Stellar Leaders, Who Are Honest and Ethical
–  Founders / Leaders Who Have Experience and Integrity
–  Needs to be Financially Strong, Preferably Debt Free
–  (This is my own opinion: Has an ONLINE Marketing System in place)

2. Products

–  Needed, Wanted by a Large Market
–  Consumable, or a Membership site, so you have monthly re-orders
–  Customers are loyal! (Because the products WORK)
–  Unique, preferably, can only get from one source.

3. Compensation
Fact: No money is paid out until products are moved.

–  Lucrative, Even For a “Newbie”
–  Able to get a Return On Investment (ROI) fast and then
get into profit quickly.
–  Leveraged With Other People’s Efforts
–  That Pays Residually, Over and Over again for work done Once.
–  That Has No Limits

4. Timing/Trends

–  The company should be over 2 years old.
You’ll waste time, money and energy if you join a
company that is less than 2 years old. A large percentage
of companies fail within their first 2 years.

As tempting as it may be,
wait until it has a PROVEN track record.

–  You need a company that is innovative and growing.
The perfect timing is when it is in Momentum so that
you can receive 10 times the rewards for the same amount of work!


– There is a major paradigm shift in the economy.
– More and more people are being laid off.
– More and more people are losing their homes.
– More and more people are coming onto the internet,
looking for a way to make money.
– More and more people want to work from home.
– More and more people want to be their own boss,
work on their OWN schedule and have no limits on their
income potential.

5. Training and Support

–  Has an ONLINE Marketing System in Place
–  Has Top Quality Training by Leaders who have already gotten results
and are STILL in the field, actively building the business.
–  Provides All the Training, Tools, Websites, Video Presentations,
Conference Calls and Webinars

For YEARS this was the MISSING PIECE of the PUZZLE for me
and I FINALLY Found It! Don’t take years to discover this one:

Tony Robbins said that if you want to be successful,
find someone else who has ALREADY achieved what you want,
and do what they do!

That is very wise advice.

However, it’s hard to find out what they do,
unless they will mentor you directly
and personally help you where you
get stuck or need guidance.

That being said, I would add –
Find a mentor who has already achieved what you
want and is willing to show You EXACTLY what they do
every day so that You can follow what they do!


So, I hope this enlightened you and helps you
when you are trying to decide what business
you want to promote and get behind 100%
so that you can Live Your Passion!

If you want to know which business I chose,
just contact me!

’til next time. . ..

“Live Better!”



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