2018 Is Packed With Activities

My 2018 is PACKED with activities! Is yours?

Breeding birds gives me great satisfaction and joy… There’s ALWAYS something new happening in the bird room! I share SOME of this on my fb page.

Then I turn to the Bible and keep up with my reading, meditating on the scriptures to get the most out of them, and preparing for our meetings and sharing Bible truths with those who listen.

Family is so important! Always open to having a visit and eating out while we catch up on things! (Note: Having birds that need constant attention, and diabetic neuropathy … nerve damage in my legs and feet, I am not able to go visit Them… so they often come here. If you suffer from anything similar, we can compare notes if you’d like to.)

Then it’s time to look at my Trading Charts on the Foreign Exchange and place an order or two if the indicators look promising! Plus, learn another strategy and try it! Supplementing my income. 

And rounding it all out, I wanted mentorship… So I open my MentorBox and enjoy 2 books a month, with interviews from the authors themselves! The workbooks that accompany them help me to put the things I learn into ACTION.

Helping others to learn how to market online and sharing the tools and training with others also gives me satisfaction! 

The 3 phrases that I continue to see everywhere are:

Move Forward
Serve Others

I endeavor to absolutely use those each day!

What are YOU up to this year? Care to share?
If you have any of the same interests as I do, want to talk?

Email me at

I’m looking forward to a FABULOUS year…
Are you?

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